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How Can Heaven Love Me? lyrics


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     How Can Heaven Love Me?
    >> Sarah Brightman
        Fell from the grace of heaven's prow
    Listening as the abyss calls our name
    Descending stars from golden clouds
    Falling to the rage of angels
    Bringer of light from on high
    Bound to the earth and unable to fly...

    I don't know...How can heaven love me
    You don't know...How can heaven love you

    We loved in a time before the fall
    Welcome to the arms of solitude
    Beneath us the heat that hearts exude
    Is this really heaven?
    We'd fight with the gods for our dreams
    Where paradise falls eternity screams

    Die Welt ein Tor
    Zu tausend Wusten stumm und kalt
    Macht nirgends halt

    Crystallised as starlight
    Lost in paradise
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